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Ah, weaksauce.. I got my Cintiq.. woo hoo.. only I wasn't thinking and forgot that I need an adapter to connect it to my Macbook. :P D'oh... So it looks pretty, and shiny, and totally useless until I either drive 60 miles to the closest Apple store, or order one and wait a week.

Disappointed is me.


Going nuts.. waiting for UPS..

So, I ordered the Cintiq... Woo! $600 saved by not going to Pantheacon, plus $200 from selling my Intuos3 on eBay, plus waiting a couple weeks for my next paycheck = yay! It was only $933 on Amazon (the price fluctuates daily).

Now comes the waiting... for the UPS truck...

The package has to be signed for, so I'm hoping my wife isn't in the shower or napping when UPS comes.. :( Argh.. Of course, as soon as I get home, I'll need to run errands, so I won't be able to play with it until like, 9 or 10pm this evening.. D-: so.. argh..

I need to stop obsessing.

Officially not going to Pantheacon...

Well, I just got off the phone with Doubletree and cancelled my hotel reservation for the weekend, so I'm officially not going to Pantheacon this year. *sigh*... Mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, Pantheacon is a unique experience and I will miss it as I wait for it to come around again next year. Then again, I've been enough times that I mostly know the presenters I would like to see, and those I don't, and was planning on trying out volunteering this year anyway.

Also, I remember the first year I went, and I went alone. It was fun to see all my favorite authors, but it was damn lonely eating breakfast alone, lunch alone, wandering the halls alone. So, no interest in repeating that this year. None of the people I've gone with in the past could go this year, so.. maybe next time.

So, that's $600 saved by not going that will now go into my Cintiq piggy bank. Hopefully some last minute hotel room seeker will get a nice surprise when they look for a room this weekend.

Pantheacon.. to go, or not to go...

Argh.. Trying to decide if I want to go to Pantheacon this year. I haven't missed one in years, but this year, I'm having difficulty mustering the energy or interest. None of my friends are able or interested in going this year, so I'd be going alone. I tried to get the local pagan community interested, but everyone I know locally claimed financial hardship and wouldn't commit. Even the Pantheacon organizers totally slacked on putting out the Shedule of Events until like, last week. To top it off, this year they didn't even bother putting program descriptions in the schedule, so it's just this huge list of totally incomprehensiblly named lectures and classes from people I've never heard of. My two favorite authors/teachers will be there, but Christopher Penczak is doing something called, "The Seven Gates of the Goddess Ritual Pathworking" which is something I've never heard of, and Lon Milo DuQuette's lecture is not even titled, it's just "TBD". Christopher Penczak also doing "The Witch's Plant Familiar" which sounds cool, but I completely suck at gardening so I dunno how much good it will do me other than getting to see home teach (which, granted, is incredibly enjoyable in it's own right).

*sigh*.. Dilemma, dilemma. I started thinking of something to do with the money I would save by not going, to take the bite out of missing it this year, and I would have almost two thirds the cost of a 12" Wacom Cintiq so... now I have that possibility weighing on my mind. :)

It really is a fantastic convention, and I know the energy would be amazing once I got there. Oh yeah, and the other killer thing is that it's over Valentines Day weekend, so I'll need to drive back home that evening to be with my sweetie anyway.

Blah blah... I would feel more guilty about bitching so much in my journal, but know no one reads it anyway.. :D

Bored in a meeting

Haven't posted in forever... Playing around with a new way to post. Kinda fun.

I do miss the smaller communities when livejiurnal/deadjournal were first born. It's probably just my perception though. When something is shiny and new, you're more forgiving of small imperfections. Then again, it was nice back when you could log into one site and communicate with all your friends. Eh... I'm probably just out of touch. I just need to learn what folks are doing these days to keep track of friends on facebook, myspace, livejournal, twitter, etc...

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Jun. 11th, 2008

Okay, I suck. I was all ready to "do the impossible" and resolder the microscopic smd cap back on the mainboard. I had my soldering iron all heated up and tinned, the pads on the board were cleaned and ready. Then I realised the cap wasn't where I left it.


I spend the next hour or so crawling around on the floor with a flashlight, picking up every dust moat and cookie crumb in a 10 foot radius.



Meh.. I never post anything anymore. I've completely gotten out of the habit of journaling, but I wanted to rant about something and here we are! What better place to rant than on your journal. :P

So.. yeah, there I was.. trying to carefully remove a mainboard from a case so I could put it in a new case and give it to my wife as a new computer. My 2yo son is very curious about what I'm doing and I'm happy to be supportive of his interest to a point. I show him all the different components and tell him what they are, and try to answer all his questions. He keeps wanting to touch things and I'm just not having any luck coming up with a good explanation for the invisible killer that is ESD that my son will understand. The screws holding the mainboard down aren't coming out for some reason, and I start to suspect that the mounting pegs on the other side of the board are spinning around as I try to unscrew the screws on top. It's getting late in the evening (for me, :P) and I was thinking to myself that I should really see if I could find a pair of needlenose pliers, as I go ahead and grab a regular pair. I grip the top of the screw on top of the mainboard and try to turn it. I didn't feel a bit of resistance as the rotating jaws of the pliers popped off the little capacitor next to the screw.

Dangit! I poke my finger at the capacitor and it sticks to the tip of my finger. I hold it up and marvel at how tiny a thing has just ruined my evening. Briefly I considered trying to solder it back on, but I think at this point I might just make things worse.

I look online for a replacement. Of course this mainboard is two whole years old so *no one* sells it anymore. I can buy one on eBay for $80, used, as-is. I start looking on newegg.com for a new mainboard, but the *one* they sell that would work with my cpu has built in video, but I have a nice video card, and hate working with trying to disable built in video. I look for a new mainboard, cpu combo, but it looks like my ram is too slow for everything I'm looking at. I then start looking for an inexpensive mainboard, cpu, ram combo, and then realize that the powersupply I was going to use for the computer might be underpowered for a brand new set up. Ugh... :P lol..

I guess, my current plan, is to try and resolder the cap back on tonight. The thing is seriously the size of a pin head. I have no idea if I'm just gonna fry it or what. Heck, the cap might already be fried from me picking it up to look at it. My backup plan, is to cross my fingers and hope that if I don't do a good job, that the little cap was part of a subsystem I don't really care about, like, maybe some LED will quit blinking, or maybe the reset button won't work, or maybe I'll lose a PS2 port or something.

Meh. Small hope. Well, here's hoping.

post cop out..

Holy crap, I've been looking for information on this for, forever it seems. See, about 15 years ago, my sister was kindly enough to invite me to a party I was not cool enough to get invited to my self, and met many eccentric and facinating people. I overheard someone asking someone else if they spoke, "Obble Globble", or at least that's how I had remembered it. I think fictional languages are really fantastic (you would have had to have been friends with me in 4th grade to know what "poma voa vato" means, and I personally couldn't name one person I remember from my brief 8 month stint at that school) and so I was intrigued. He made it out like it was something top secret and that he was testing if the other person could speak it. They could, and I was lost trying to follow the handful of words they shared for confirmation. I remembered, or misremembered the name, and asked and googled it a few times over the years, most recently a month or so ago.

Well, so, to hasten a long story to it's close, I found information online just now about the "language." It's basicly like the modified english that one kid in fat albert speaks, "Dubid yubou knubow thubat". Anyway, the one I'd been looking for is called, "Obenglobish."

I've heard that there are actual "underground" languages, that you'll never learn from a book, or online. There's a form of gypsy, that I heard you can learn if you work in a certain gypsy kitchen at Rainbow. There's also a goblin language, that I've heard about... that I'm having trouble remembering details about, but I don't remember it being based in Tolkein, or D&D, or that sort of thing.

Meh.. anyway, fun stuff. Happy to finally have my answer about Obenglobish. :D

Minor Edit: I just remembered something else I wanted to mention, on the same topic; this is one of those things I think would be useful for masking laguage against computer intrusion. There are endless ways of obscuring your speach that fool computers, but are readable by humans. Eg: leet speak, and most subject lines for SPAM.