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Holy crap, I've been looking for information on this for, forever it seems. See, about 15 years ago, my sister was kindly enough to invite me to a party I was not cool enough to get invited to my self, and met many eccentric and facinating people. I overheard someone asking someone else if they spoke, "Obble Globble", or at least that's how I had remembered it. I think fictional languages are really fantastic (you would have had to have been friends with me in 4th grade to know what "poma voa vato" means, and I personally couldn't name one person I remember from my brief 8 month stint at that school) and so I was intrigued. He made it out like it was something top secret and that he was testing if the other person could speak it. They could, and I was lost trying to follow the handful of words they shared for confirmation. I remembered, or misremembered the name, and asked and googled it a few times over the years, most recently a month or so ago.

Well, so, to hasten a long story to it's close, I found information online just now about the "language." It's basicly like the modified english that one kid in fat albert speaks, "Dubid yubou knubow thubat". Anyway, the one I'd been looking for is called, "Obenglobish."

I've heard that there are actual "underground" languages, that you'll never learn from a book, or online. There's a form of gypsy, that I heard you can learn if you work in a certain gypsy kitchen at Rainbow. There's also a goblin language, that I've heard about... that I'm having trouble remembering details about, but I don't remember it being based in Tolkein, or D&D, or that sort of thing.

Meh.. anyway, fun stuff. Happy to finally have my answer about Obenglobish. :D

Minor Edit: I just remembered something else I wanted to mention, on the same topic; this is one of those things I think would be useful for masking laguage against computer intrusion. There are endless ways of obscuring your speach that fool computers, but are readable by humans. Eg: leet speak, and most subject lines for SPAM.



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